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Hair scar treatment



Hi Friends,


I will not write big text about my story as I am one of the many cases where hair transplant surgeon has fooled us. I am new to this forum and I would like to summarize few things as below:

Docter Rajesh Rajput who is or was working in Hiranandani Hospital in Mumbai, mistreated my hair case when I was actually not in need of any kind of hairtransplant. Moreover he convinced me that strip method is the best as I just need 400 hairs and it will leave only a small pencil line scar. Due to my ignorance I agreed and did it. After few months I recognized that this line has now become wide scar. With time I lost current hair on scalp and wanted to accept baldness by keeping hair short which also suited my personality. But this is not possible as scar is visible and feel of guilt is immense.


I want to get rid of this scar and I have been doing research for 6 years but still not being able to decide on who is the best doctor to understand my scar and give best results. Some doctors says it is possible and some says that they can not give guarantee. Through my research I have decided first step to cure the scar which is white and hard with less blood supply. Treating the scar will involve making the scar tissue in a good shape so that blood supply can be increased. Then next step will be to find Doctor who is experienced in dealing with hair transplant scar revisions. I do not want to loose donor area especially from my head or beard with someone who is not sure of the results. So finding a right doctor is a big challenge for me who can honestly advise the best and guaranted possible way to revise the scar.

Can somebody advice by looking on to my scar on what kind of treatment is best and if there is any good Doctor in India who has lot of experience and references with proven results for hair transplant scar revisions. I will appreciate help and guidance.

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I have success in reducing most scar tissue. The best is derma roll 3 times a week. Leave a day or two between each application. After each roll put on apricot seed oil and coconut oil alternating betweem the 2 oils after each derm roll until the scar starts to soften, which you can feel the texture easily to the touch change through out as your treating the area. As it softens you can now start some cell therapy. A simple rejuvenating cell wash and a leave on cell therapy. If you have a hand held laser use while the cells serums are hydrated to maximize absorbtion into the soft tissue. In about 4 months you will see dramatic changes that show the scarring shrinking.. Keep it up. Document the recovery in the area. Once it is 70 to 80% reduced in size you can either do some micropigmentation to hide the balance of the scar remaining or/and still continue to treat the area which I tell all patients to do.


Use the same technique to derm roll on the scar tissue as you would find someone derma rolling their face which you can watch on youtube. Rolling cross directions I find works the best .


keep us posted mate



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