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Hair transplant strip scar revisions



I want to get rid of this scar caused by strip method and I have been doing research for 6 years but still not being able to decide on who is the best doctor to understand my scar and give best results. Some doctors says it is possible and some says that they can not give guarantee. Through my research I have decided first step to cure the scar which is white and hard with less blood supply. Treating the scar will involve making the scar tissue in a good shape so that blood supply can be increased. Then next step will be to find Doctor who is experienced in dealing with hair transplant scar revisions. I do not want to loose donor area especially from my head or beard with someone who is not sure of the results. So finding a right doctor is a big challenge for me who can honestly advise the best and guaranted possible way to revise the scar.

Can somebody advice by looking on to my scar on what kind of treatment is best and if there is any good Doctor in India who has lot of experience and references with proven results for hair transplant scar revisions. I will appreciate help and guidance.


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