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I think from what I've read here from other members and other sources online (plus in consulting my surgeon) it all greatly depends on a few things.


1) Cost. FUE is typically more expensive per graft because; A) It's newer and B) More tedious when it comes to extracting grafts.


2) Appearance. FUT requires extraction of a full strip of donor skin from the back of the scalp. The size depends greatly on how many grafts you need, donor density and elasticity of the scalp. FUE does leave scarring but they are much less noticeable if you shave your hair down really short.


3) Eligibility. Some people simply can't do FUT so they are left with FUE. For this you have to talk to your doctor.


4) Recovery. I think FUT is a little more painstaking in terms of post-op recovery with suture/staple removal and scar treatments.


Outside of that the procedure/process of actual graft implantation is exactly the same. In my opinion I would shop around and talk to a few different doctors to get their opinion on what would be best for you in terms of cost and what you are looking for in post-op recovery/appearances. Try and research the doctors and really get a good game plan.


Mind you my opinion is mostly based on what I've read from others and researched on my own. I am only 7 Weeks Post-OP from an FUT Procedure. If I had the money I would have probably gone for FUE but I really wanted some significant density for my hairline and top-mid scalp which I could not afford if I didn't do FUT (which I still got for a great price).


Hope this helps though :) Let us know what you decide!

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