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3000 graft FUT Post Surgery Recovery



Procedure: FUT Surgery (3000 Grafts).

Goals: Fullness and hairline.

Surgeon: Dr. Jon W. Gaffney (Samson Hair Restoration group in Sherman Oaks, CA)

Age: 28 years old

Norwood Scale: Between 2A & 3

Procedure Date: 5/11/2015


DAY ONE: The procedure went well. It took MUCH longer than I had anticipated. I knew we were going to have close to an 8 hour day due to the number of grafts. But it turned out to be closer to a 10-12 hour day. The way I looked at it in the end though was I'd rather them take their time and do a great job than rush it. Plus I know it was partially my own fault since after the initial numbing treatment for the donor area my blood pressure dropped a bit. I psyched myself out and got light headed. But once I realized how I was reacting I got into a better head-space and we were able to move forward. So that cost us probably a delay of a half hour to and hour (not 100% sure). Dr. Gaffney seemed very attentive and confident in his work. He even bragged that he had done over 15,000 Hair Transplant procedures (which sounded good to me). After doing some research I did find that he worked with Bosley for some time and other Hair Restoration clinics. But discovered zero reviews which was a bit of a concern. Although no bad reviews is good thing too. I was hoping to get lucky and go above goal but unfortunately we got exactly 3000 tounge_smile.gif The post charge instructions were given to me and everyone was very nice and comforting. There was little to no pain but it was uncomfortable. There is a lot of pressure and your head feels super heavy with all the numbing properties. They asked me to sleep sitting up for the first 3 nights to avoid pulling on the sutures or possibly dislodging any grafts. I ended up doing 5-6 nights just to play it safe.


WEEKS 1 & 2 POST OP: LOTS of numbness near and around donor area. Scabbing in recipient area. Consisten Neosporin application of donor area to help promote healing and limit scarring. Not a lot of shedding (as of yet). Being super cautious with my head but excited to have new hair soon (hopefully) and finally be able to do more than one hairstyle! Had some bleeding from the suture area but no sign of infection at this time and I just applied some pressure with sterile gauze for a few minutes and that seemed to do the trick.


WEEK 5 POST-OP: My sutures were removed approximately 2-3 weeks ago. Long donor line from ear to ear. All the scabbing in my recipient area is pretty much gone now. I do think I am suffering from a bit of "Shock-Loss" but from what I've read that should grow back. Plus this could have just been the normal shedding that takes place post-surgery. I can't really tell at this time. Otherwise everything seems to be going good so far. I still have a lot of numbness mostly in the crown area above the suture line but it's much better than it was a few weeks ago. There is still some tightness along the donor area and minor scabbing but otherwise it feels good. I do hope it thins out some more and settles. At the moment the scar is more visible than I was hoping but I know I'm still very early on in the healing process and it should get better.

I am seeing some new growth but I don't know as of yet how full it will be. I will try and update at least bi-weekly photos of my progress. I am excited yet scared because after I had the surgery I tried to do some research into the surgeon. I did find that he had worked for Bosley, but other than that no real reviews. Which I guess is as much a good thing as a bad thing. The tech staff and surgeon seemed very happy with how the first day went with the procedure and instilled some confidence that this will turn out great. Plus I went with a high graft count even though I was not completely balding or terribly balding. I was thinning noticably.

I will try and find some pre-op photos and attach them when I get the opportunity.


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