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UPDATE: Week 6 Post Op




Ok then, just checking in (bi-weekly as promised). Not much difference since my last entry.


DONOR AREA: The donor scar is still healing/scabbing but per the instructions of Dr. Gaffney I'm going to start using "Scarguard MD" twice daily for the next couple months to help ensure a better looking scar. The future updates I will have my hair buzzed shorter just so that the application of medication will be easier. I am happy that, for the most part, the scar is farely undetectable with my hair being as short as it is (less then 1").

RECIPIENT AREA: Not much to report on here. Still looking thinner than even before the surgery (in my opinion). Still waiting on the Pre-Op photos from my surgeon's office. I am constantly having to pop white-heads which I assume are new hairs beginning to grow (at least that's what I am hoping! lol). I do see new hairs growing a the hairline in the corners (more on my right side than left as of now). I do know from all the research that new hair typically isn't even visible until Post Week 10 so seeing something this early has raised my hopes.

All in all I won't be completely satisfied until I see "real results." Which unfortunately is at least a few months out, if not closer to a year. I'm crossing my fingers that I will be one of the lucky ones and see more results quicker. But who knows?

Also additionally I have added Nioxin (2) Shampoo and Conditioner and will be doing Nizoral 2x a week. Continuing Finestrade 1mg Daily and Minoxidil 5% Foam 2x Daily (Generic for both).


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I am, the wait is always the worst part I would assume for this type of procedure. My main reason for keeping such a detailed Blog is the hopes that if it turns out well, it will be reassurance to others who are apprehensive or worried early on in the process. The fact that I am already seeing SOME differences are a huge bonus for me :) Right now my biggest concern is just how the scar will look in the end. 

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