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On 9/14/2018 at 6:13 PM, jjsrader said:

I also had a transplant w/Dr. Feller when I was 37 and began losing alot more hair about 6 years after at age 43.  16 year user of dutasteride here.  I do use systemic oral rogaine and spiro (yea, I know - don't go there).  As well as overmachogrande.com laser helmet 440 diode and 2X's weekly Nizoral. 

I think I RIVAL you for very very fine/straight hair.  Guys like us literally need 7K in our frontal 1/3rd to have a natural hairline zone that 'appears' to be near normal.  Not to mention (if you have the donor) another up to 5-8K for mid-vertex and near the crown.  The crown you 'dust' lightly. 

Since you are new to dut (but an older guy) - I would stick with it even if you are losing ground.  Think how much more you would be losing without dut? 

Sometimes us thin haired/fine hair guys w/very straight hair 'max' out our donor (fut/fue) and even then - we just have to work with what we have and accept it.

I still have a couple surgeries left at nearly 9k of grafts done and will probably throw permanent SMP into the mix along w/PRP w/Acell in the next 2 years and that will probably be it for me.

Good luck & you have had good surgeons thus far. 

Thanks for the post jjsradar!

How many HTs have you had to date and what age are you at now, if you don't mind me asking? And what have your experiences of Dut been?

My 2 surgeries with Dr Feller were 2,167 and 1,000 grafts into the front. My HT with Dr Alexander was 1,600 into the front and 400 at the crown. All FUT. (So current totals, front: 4,767; crown: 400). So just over 5K grafts. Hopefully I should have a few surgeries left, though not sure how many.

I still wear my hair quite long, which I've managed to do since my first HT with Feller. An indie-rock/"emo", style I guess. However, I'm very reliant on concealers (Mane) and hairspray to achieve the desired effect. No way would I be able to maintain the style without them. For how long though, who knows!

It's actually quite hard to determine where I'd need my next surgeries. At present, the thinning I'm noticing seems to be predominately at the crown, but also I can create extra wide partins running from my crown to the front. So maybe thinning between the front and crown.

You actually mentioned a few treatments I'm not familiar with, such as the Acell and helmet. Recommend me looking into?

Hadn't heard of SMP before!



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