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  1. Hi Folks,

    These are pictures I took myself, not easy. So here are the pictures I promised. The first few pictures are pre surgery 668 - 697, and then there are the post surgery pictures, 787-794, The last picture gives you an idea of how my hairline looked when dry. 746

    Dr. Charles called me later in the evening checking up on my welfare.

    I am very impressed. He gave me his personal cell number to call in case I had any questions. You can't ask for better patient care than that.!!

    As it turns out I experienced very little discomfort last night and followed Dr. Charles post op instructions and all is really good. All grafts are present and accounted for.

    I am truly excited about how the entire procedure went and I am looking forward to seeing all these grafts grow!!!!!


    Thanks again Dr. Charles :)









  2. I just had an excellent Transplant experience today 05-04-15 with Dr. Glenn Charles in Boca Raton, Fl. He transplanted 2560 grafts to my hairline all the way back to my crown.

    I had a previous transplant with another Dr. (who is no longer practicing), 11 years ago. 2200 grafts. Back then it looked really full but over time I continued to experience hair loss which made for a much thinner look. The hair line was nicely done and it just kept thinning out. Alas, it was time to remedy this.

    I did a lot of research and found that there were so many positives regarding Dr. Charles and his team I had to contact him and make an appointment. Dr. Charles and I discussed the best approach to my issue and I must say that he explained all avenues of approach in detail so I could make the best decision for me. I experienced very little pain and enjoyed Dr. Charles and his professional team. They were all very engaged with me on a personal level making me feel welcomed and very much at ease.

    His office and operating room were exceptionally well maintained and very clean. I would highly recommend that if you are looking for an excellent surgeon with an exceptional staff, make an appointment with Dr. Charles. His pricing is exceptional for what you receive.

    I will add my before pictures and the post surgery pictures within the next day or two.

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