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Can the Qualities Be Learnt in Universities?



When the graduates begin to work in the society, many people complain that they can't be qualified for their work. So many people doubt that whether they have learnt any qualities in the ufifa college. I think the qualities can't be available when they are studying in universities because today's universities have fallen behind a lot.

There are several reasons in favor of my point. First, the university itself can't keep pace with the modern society. The books, which we may have used for ten or more years in universities are so old, they didn't update with the development of the society. So the knowledge we have learnt does not agree with the knowledge we indeed need. What's more, the professors who teach us are focusing on the field he is interested in, he can't give us the exact and latest news about the fifa 15 coins competitive society.

The second reason we can see easily is that we can't put the theoretical knowledge into practice very well. When we look for the jobs, the company will ask us to show the work experience instead of the university which we graduate from. The work experience becomes more and more important in the employers' eyes because they know that the theoretical knowledge is useless in the practical work.

What I have discussed above tells us the truth that we fifa coins should put what we've learnt in universities into practice. Today's society has become more competitive, only in this way, we can be successful in finding a good job.


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