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Between May 2006 & July 2009, I had several hair surgery operations in Beverly Hills, California. These consisted of 2 x flaps, several 'scalp reductions' and hundreds of 'micro grafts'. The total cost was approximately £40k. The result was terrible. From the outset, I was'nt a suitable candidate for this method of hair replacement. I'm convinced, that the reason I was accepted for this type of surgery was to make money for the surgeon & his company. In other words, it was greed. As I had been cheated out of £40k, I wanted this refunded. A solicitor advised me not to pursue a claim as it would cost me more to take him to court than I would receive in compensation. My plan now is to ask for my money back. If he refuses, I intend to expose him & his business on the Internet. Would somebody please advise me on how I should try to get my money back.


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