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Doc Feller 3300 fut - 12 mths post op



Hi Guys/Girls

Well l'm 2weeks shy of exactly one year on from my HT with Doc Feller.................can't believe how quick the time has flown and to say i'm happy with the results is an understatement!!!............To Doc & your gr8 team of techs l am forever grateful x

The pictures l have attached all taken in direct light kinda speak for themselves. For the record l am still experiencing new growth and thickening. In particular along the frontal hairline and crown. I must admit although my main dense packing work was to my frontal area and temples l was initially dissapointed with the slow growth of my lesser implanted crown area. However patience is virtue as the crown is now coming along kicking and fighting!! I was advised that the crown takes longer and tends to be slower at filling in, but it seemed to be taking forever!! That said l now have loads of small prickly new hair coming through and over the last two months in particular i've noticed a real difference.......better late than never as the saying goes!!!

All in all guys l can honestly say the whole experience has been excellence and for those of you sat right now, where l was a little over a year ago, with the should l or shouldn't l syndrome and if so with whom!!......All l can say is l cannot recommend Doc Feller and his team enough including the wonderful Spex who has been a massive support throughout.......and yes l may be bias and in my humble opinion l've got every bloody reason to be cos the team has done me proud!!!....as the saying goes pictures paint a thousand words......you guys come to your own conclusionswink_smile.gif

Thoughts become Things has left the building X

p.s. Please see my Photo Album section for my 12 mths Post Op Picsteeth_smile.gif


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Thanks for sharing your experience. Dr. Feller is definitely one of the world's best and your results speak for themselves.


Congratulations and enjoy that awesome new "do".


David (TakingThePlunge)

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