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Should i have a Hair Transplant?



I am 24 years old and as you can see from my pictures (These are on my Album Pics in my profile as i am having difficulty adding these to the blog) my hair line has receded quite significantly as well losing hair in my crown area. I have drawn my ideal hairline shown on the pictures also, not too sure how far I would be able to achieve this. I definitely want a hair transplant, just want some opinions on this. As I am new here I have some questions listed below. If anyone can give any insight to these it would be much appreciated. Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

  • I am considering having a hair transplant, at my age and considering how much hair i have lost already would it be worth it?

  • I am looking to have 4500 follicles (in one session) which requires both the Strip and FUE method. Would i be able to have my hair as short as in my pictures or would the strip be too recognisable? This would be a major consideration for me.

  • Would there be enough density and enough coverage? i.e. 1000 follicles in my crown area, 500 for the top of my head the 3000 for my receded hairline. Would the rest of my hair just not fall out anyway?

  • I have not started taking Minoxidil or Finasteride, would this at least stabilise my hairline and crown area and prevent further baldness? Are you able to take both?


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First, I highly suggest posing your questions in a discussion thread on our forum. You will get a much greater response that way.


In response to your questions:


1. You are still quite young but your hair loss is pretty advanced. While you may be a candidate for hair transplant surgery, you will need to discuss your expectations with a quality hair transplant physician. Your proposed new hairline appears to be very aggressive and probably not realistic considering your degree of hair loss.


2. Some patients, under optimal conditions, have reported being able to buzz as short as a #2. Most will need at least a 1/2" to cover the scar effectively.


3. Hair loss is progressive. You will need to stabilize your hair loss medically to slow further balding. How many grafts you will require depends on several factors and should be discussed with a surgeon.


4. In my opinion, you should start Rogaine and Propecia as soon as possible. The two drugs work better in combination.


All the best,

David (TakingThePlunge)


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Thanks for your reply David, i have created a discussion thread on the forum as suggested.



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