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FUE Donor Healing



Hello All,

I've had 2200 FUE grafts on 12/30/13, 28 days ago today, and I'm very disappointed in my donor healing - this is not what I had in mind before going into this. Others have healed much better than I. As you can see from the pics, it's still very noticeable 28 days out, and the skin is still very red. I definitely am experiencing donor shock loss, as the denisty from the donor area is much less than the hair directly below.


The recpient site, the first third of the scalp, has healed well and does not have any noticeable redness. So I've been happy with that progress. Feel free to browse my other photos.


Can I get some feedback on what I'm dealing with? I'm afraid that it will always look like this!




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