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HT- High Forehead




I am a 30 year old male from India. I am getting my first Hair Transplant done in India. The important thing is I am not experiencing hair loss. I have a naturally high forehead. No one in my family is experiencing hairloss( My grand parents did Not experience hairloss either). In fact even my dad has a high forehead, but with very good quality of hair.

I am getting the hair transplant done to lower the hairline.

I want to know if a hair transplant would affect my existing hair & will it cause any damage to my existing hair. I have heard about shock loss. But is shock loss permanent. It is really not an issue for me if the shock loss condition is temporary, as my hair will grow back again.

I also don't want to be on any kind of medication after the transplant(Minoxidil etc....).

I kindlly request you to suggest me if I am a right candidate for hair transplantation.


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