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Hair Transplant



Hi All,

I am planning for Hair transplant FUE method. I am totally confused to go for transplant. I have seen few post of many people and expect assistance from these Doctors.

Doctors has assured of 100% restoration of hair in 3-6 months with no side effects. Here is the detail which they will offer for better result.

  1. Two consecutive sessions of FUE method which will cover whole front head.
  2. PRP and stem cells will be injected during 6 monhts period. Please confrim if this is required or not.
  3. Laser treatment.

I have few doubts which i need assistance desperately.

I have few hairs left on front and middle head which are also falling gradually. They had updated me that they will insert follicle on the current hair also. It will not fall afer the transpalnt and will become thick which has now become thin.

Requesting you to please let me know if the above claims are fake or it will definetly work.


Thansk & regards

Nitesh J


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Hi nitesh

where r u from ? i am rohit from INDIA and searching for good HT doc in INDIA.

most important thing in any HT is finding a good HT doc.so which doc have u visited ?

sorry i cant answer ur questions but u can ask FutureHTDoc on this forum he is very supportive.



Rohit Bhalla

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