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Need advice…please



Hi All,

I started noticing I was going then on my crown nearly 8 yrs ago, this was shortly followed by a reseeding hairline. My hair has now generally thinned throughout the top of my scalp compared to what I used to have and I have a very thin crown. I have dark hair so my crown stands out a mile. I can still do my hair but I'm contiuely frustrated at how thin it's got at the front and how i have to try cover up the reseeding temples. I could go on but as i'm sure you all know way it feels like, it becomes like an obsession that eats into you everyday.

Anyway i reached a point a few yrs ago where i started to research having a hair transplant. I've tried the Propecia and am using the Rogaine Foam. I didn't get on with the propecia as i experienced sexual disfunction. For me an HT is the only option left. I would say my hair loss is reasonably stable tough i can now see that below my crown the back of my head is also quite thin. Though I have a good donor area so I'm told.

I've now had 5 consultations at various clinics - First at Zering with an actually surgeon, then Michael May at Wimpole clinic, a non clinical person at Dr Farjo's, Dr Sharma at Crown clinic and a clinical helper at UK Hair transplant recently.

Through lots research i read Dr farjo's was the best, though i was very disappointed as the guy just told me to go away and come back again when i'd lost more and not to let anyone let me talk me into having one elsewhere. He completely wrote me off when i know i have substantial hair loss with a bald spot on top and reseeding hairline that eats in round the the front of my hair. Everywhere else I've been quoted consistently buy needing 2000 - 2250 graphs at a cost of up to £6,750. I was very disappointed at my consultation with farjo's clinic because i felt the guy was comparing me and against himself, as he told me Dr Farjo wouldn't operate on him until he'd seen him 3 or 4 times and his had was not loosing anymore. I do know your hair needs to be stable, i know you shouldn't be too young - I am 40 an i am also aware you may need more than one operation if you have further hair loss. But I don't want to maybe wait until i have total loss, then to go and have an HT and get a full head of hair. I would prefer to get it done now and agin if needed. I realise my hairless needs to be reasonably stable in which it is. So i was very disappointed when i had driven from all that way for my appointment to get to get told you don't need one when i know i do and other surgeon's know i do. How ever i still have faith in Farjo's clinic as i somehow feel he is the best.

Dr Sharma at Crown also has a good record though i know of a person who is reasonably famous who has had HT 2 yrs ago and his hair has not grown at all. I know this as i regularly see him as he lives close. This doesn't give me much confidence. Dr Sharma also told me not to expect much density as he get do achieve that. Another fact i'm aware about but he didn't convince me. I've recently been to UK Hair Transplant because they have an offer on until the end of Nov, he he was the only person who told me because i had some hairs going on my crown, they wouldn't be happy in operating. They were the only ones that had ever mentioned that as the other have said i need 1600 grafts in the crown alone! So that message wasn't constant. The best approach i was most happiest with was at Zering, once i got past the first sale man type consultation. As the surgeon wasn't pushy and had all the time in the world for me. He was realistic and told me what to expect and that i would def need another op due to further loss at the back of my head he spotted. But I'm concerned about the whole marketing spin Zering put on and wonder whether again i would get a good HT and not just be part of a massive conveyer belt of people having ops.

I am realistic and my expectations are set right even though it may sound as though they are set too high. I obviously just want the best place, surgeon to give me a good HT need to get the best HT as it's really expensive and something i need to get right. Please can anyone advise as i may just need telling i hear you but trust me Farjo's is good and if so I may just have to request a consolation with him instead of his ex client fronting Dr Farjo. Please help…? Thanks

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Mate, why don't you consider going abroad to get your treatment done...I went India recently to one of the best surgeons in the world...the results are looking amazing so far and I only paid a fraction of what I would have paid here..

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