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Done my HT from Dr Mahadevia



Hello All,

I started loosing my hairs from the age of 17th. Right now I am 26 and lost my front aswell crown area hairs.

My first HT was done by Dr. Ashok Reddy (Strip method) ( hyderabad). He charged me quite less but result was very poor. I would 't advice any one going to that doctor.

My second HT is done 6 days back by Dr. Mahadevia. (FUE transplant - 2400 Graphts). I have to admit that doctor was full time with me during the operation (Extraction + Plantation).

My Overall experience of operation was good but I don't know that how is the quility (Dencity + Scares + etc.. ) of the operation performed.

My age is right now 26th. I have uploaded the post operation photos.

I will look forward for everybodys responce.


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Dear Williams,


How many grafts did you underwent from Dr.Ashok?

And how much did he charge per graft?

I had my HT just 2 months back from Dr.Sreedhar Reddy in Bangalore.I did 3860 Grafts.And i am planning to do one more session after 8 months.But i prefer Dr.Madhu from Hydrabad.

If you know much about some one else in India lets share this in this forum.


If you want to see my post pic of HT i can send it to you.

And happy to see your post pic in this form.Hope to have good result in another 4 -5 months.








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Dear Arun,


Dr. Ashok do not tell about number of grafts to be transplanted. He charges according to area covered. his rates varies in between 25000 - 45000. He charged me 30000. My suggestion to u is never ever go to that doctor. He is a idot.

But I would suggest you for Dr. Mahadevia because I saw some of his patients there and he sure did a good job.

Can you share your photos with me?




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Dear Williams,


Thanks for the reply.First and foremost let me tell you honestly the mistake you have made.

Before getting the HT done by Dr.Ashok you must have made everything clear.


1)The Cost per Graft for FUT & FUE.

2)The number of grafts required according to your expectation.(I have not heard of any Doctor who do the surgery without mentioning the number of graft and its cost).


Anyway its easy to criticize some thing .What i really thought is to share things which i know so that our other friends in this forum will not be in to trouble.Anyway according to me your 2nd HT looks nice and have dense packing.Hope it will grow in another 4-5 months.please keep in touch.Meanwhile i will surely update the progress of my HT.






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williams, it does look as good work. how much u paid for your grafts?

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hi william

i am also considering dr. mahadevia for HT .its been more than 3 years u had HT how's ur experience.

After 3 years what about hairfall , are u loosing ur existing or transplanted hair ? and what precautions one has to take after HT.

please reply.






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