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My Crown Restoration Journal



I had a very thick head of hair until my late 30's and then I noticed thinning, but only in the crown area. I tried Rogaine, and later, some generic form of Propecia, but I was not consistent with the daily regiment and the thinning continued.

Last year I finally decided to have an HT of 1500 grafts using the strip method. I was very surprised when they recommended only 1500 grafts and now, 6 1/2 months later, I've definitely seen some growth, but well short of the desired coverage. I'm doubtful that the next 6 months will show enough improvement to provide a satisfactory result, but I guess we will see in time.

I am cautious to undergo a second procedure as I suffered excessive shedding which, I believe, will lead to a minimal net gain of follicular growth. (possibly due to a lack of consistent Rogaine/Propecia regiment) However, I have now been on a consistent Rogaine/Propecia regiment since my HT.

I've have photos to post at 1 week post-op and then at 4, 5 & 6 months. I will continue to post monthly photos through 14 months.


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I see good coverage. I'm almost 3 months in on April 29th and I don't see any results. I have something to worry about. But you look like you're getting there. Post some more photos.

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Gerald Searle MD



6/7/11 5 5 5 5 Great Medical Marijuana doctor that takes his time and really care to help with alternative medicine.He also explained what would help me and how to use my medicine.


Paid/Co-pay: $99

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