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Ok, Hair We Go.



Right, where to start?

I'm 46 years old living in the UK.

I've been losing hair for the last 6-8 years taking mixoxidil only when I discovered Kirkland 5%, being the cheapsakte that I amtounge_smile.gif.

I managed to blag a background role in the recent Bond Movie Skyfall, only to see the visible bald patch on the top of my head when I saw the Bluray!

After taking the plunge to see a hair consultant at Private Clinic UK, I was advised to try Propecia. The consultant said my hair hairloss didn't appear to be the normal MPB.

So while searching for Propecia led me to this forum and thanks to Spex found a UK supplier for Finpecia.

Delivery was quick and after taking two tablets in sapce of a week, I haven't noticed any side effects yet.

Testicles do feel tender, but just wondering whether this is because of me reading about it!

Heres some photos of my hairloss from Jan 2013. Hope as the months go by I see some improvement.

JAN 2013




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Hi, your hairloss pattern looks similar to mine. where the thinning is more on the crown and scalp area. I am considering FUE currently have started online consultation with Dr Bisanga. Just waiting to see how much they will quote me.

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Thanks for the heads up ongbak1. Great username. Great film too!


I'm leaning towards Turkey at the moment, but still waiting to see if Propecia is working. 

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Been on Finpecia for about a month, starting with one tab a week, then one every other day. Now started taking every day.


Seemen seems watery, ejeculation weaker. On the plus side, no shed as yet, but hair seems thicker. By that I mean the bald patch isn't as vsisble in certain lighting conditions. Don't know whether this is psychological?

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