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FUE in India



Hello everyone.

I am thinking about gettng FUE done, with 3000 grafts in india. Its so expensive here in the UK. Any great and reasonable places to visit?Any info you can share with me, I shall be very greatful




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I was thinking the same at the moment I got a quote back from wroclaw Dr Saifi and a lot of people from uk seems to use him. he has quoted around 2500 grafts. includes hotel stay.


1. The FUT technique (Strip technique with Tricophytic wound closure) with a price of 3350 GBP.

2. The FUE technique with a price of 5200 GBP.


How much is it in india do you take flights in to consideration? I am also looking at turkey 

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HI rajman

Thanks for your info. Dr Bhatti and Dr bakshi are pretty reasonable, compared to the prices in the UK, check out their websites. They are based in Chandigarh, Punjab. I got two mobile numbers from clients in the Uk who have had FUE done from them.left a phone message, but no reply as yet. I am keen on checking their hair and see how good the docs are.

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