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prp platelet rich plasma

Dr Markou


After about a year and a half of providing prp to patients and doing follow up visits and pics, It appears that the results seem to be long lasting. Of course I recommend when appropriate that the patients utilize propecia , rogaine, and low level laser. It seems however that the patients that do not utilize and maintainance therapy as above are still with a positive result.



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I was reading another blog which suggested that PRP therapy looked very promising but results have been inconsistent, please see http://www.prohairbiosystems.com/blog/science/platelet-rich-plasma-for-hair-loss


I was just wondering whether anyone had tried PRP therapy and what the long term results had been.


I really like the idea of PRP because it is using your body's own biochemistry, therefore any sort of adverse reaction is unlikely...but does it work?

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It is very promising and yes it is inconsistant depending on what type of patient it is offerred to. I believe it is just one more tool that helps as propecia and low level laser do. I believe in using all of these together. Hope that was helpful

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