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Dr. Bradley Limmer



By any measurement, Dr. Bradley Limmer...and his well seasoned, loyal staff...have exceeded every expectation they provided me...by immeasurable standards.

Dr. Limmer's care, consultation, guidance, patience, his overall approach...and that of his outstanding staff, is just so unbelieveable.

In fact, when using standards, Dr. Limmer and his staff have really set them for the industry. We would all be well served if every other Doctor and their staffs were measured against Dr. Limmer and his staff. I just don't see how others could measure up.

I had between 1,500 - 1,600 implants done. Initial results, spectatular. And I'm on the front-end of enjoying the results of Dr. Limmer and his staff's work.

Every single thing the Doctor told me, pre-op...proved to be better on EVERY measure post-op.

His performamce, and that of his staff...can not adequately be conveyed in words. This procedure is a very vain, very private one. But Dr. Limmer is so disarming, so caring and relaxing, he made the transition to move forward so easy.

Again, i can't wait for the months to pass so i may enjoy, in even more real terms, the success of Dr. Limmer's procedure.

I could not have found a better Doctor in America...nor one gifted with a stronegr, more seasoned and experienced staff.

I'm a very...VERY lucky patient!!!

THANK YOU Dr. Limmer and staff.




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Congratulations on your recent hair transplant with Dr. Limmer! That is certainly a glowing testimonial and I'm sure well-deserved as Dr. Limmer regularly displays excellent results on our forum.


I encourage you to create a photo album and share your pre and post-op pics with us so we can follow your progress.


All the best,


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