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Hair T / Plant DR MADHU April 2012 3220 grafts



Hi All


For you that know me I suffered hair loss badly at a very young age and am still only 23. All Surgeons I have seen were amazing with how young and how bad of hair loss I have.

Firstly I want to say DR Madhus clinic was a fantastic place, almost looking out of place to the rest of Hyderabad. At 23 I went alone to Hyderabad to have surgery done 15th April, this was something I regretted instantly at first, for a 23 travelling the other end of the world alone, its was very very emotional, something I never really even thought about until the goodbyes took place.

Day of arrival - I went to see Dr Madhu for a consult, Dr Deepak was fantastic, Unfortunatly my donor area was not as good as I had hoped for.... which at the time really got me down due to how far Id travelled . Id had alot of consultations mainly with zierling medical who told me the opposite!

I have far to many single very few multiple.


Day Of surgery 6 am start. - strip was taken. 3220 grafts were taken - fortunatly they took a good strip and mainly double were taken, also around 400 multiples and 800 singles.

the surgery was vry speedy which slightly worried me but i was happy with the outcome its 2 1/2 post op now, everythings going well. scar is looking good also. I will update pictures as I still havent had my before and afters from the clinic.


Apologies. Dr Deepak ran me through everything, then took me to see DR Madhu for exact grafts estimations etc, DR Deepak basically looked after me before and after surgery when Dr Madhu was not available. He answered all questions.



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Congratulations on your recent hair transplant! I'm a little confused. You said above, "r Madhu for a consult, Dr Deepak was fantastic". Which doc performed your procedure?


The work looks great and I'm confident you'll get a nice result. Please keep us posted.

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dont feel bad when I was a junior in high school people were asking me" what was up with my hair it used to be so thick" I am 52 and after A complete hair transplant I still wasnt happy, thin, thin, thin. So I created HairTranstrands. Thats my user name. Now I enjoy the density from a combination of transplanted hair and small (10 to 20 hair wefts) intermingled throughout it.

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