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HT +3 days




A quick update on my progress:

The day after the HT I went back in for a hairwash and inspection before heading back home. I appreciate that they open for business so early- I was able to get cleaned up and on the road so I could get a early flight home. The pain meds kept the discomfort to a minimum, but unfortunately there was a finite supply of pills. When the pills ran out the second day, I quickly realized how much they were helping. The donor area continues to be painful, with my tylenol keeping the edge off. I am guessing it is due to the continued swelling keeping pressure on the site.

Day 3 brought me the forehead swelling they promised. I took the day off (went back to work 2 days after HT - light duty) to limit interaction or "concern" from my coworkers. I actually am making light of this situation. The skin is so tight that my wife and M-I-L says I look 10 years younger! Also, I am letting my wife wash my hair at the sink, because the water pressure from the shower actually causes head pain as it starts to hit the back of my head (not contacting the donor or graft area). Once again, I believe it is just due to the pressure of the swelling. My current regiment is to keep taking the pain medication every 3 hours (just as the pain increases), keep from moving my head around or making facial expressions - a blank stare forward is so far the best thing I can do to minimize the pain. While I mention the swelling and the pain, I do want to add that the pain is not so bad as to make me reconsider my decision. It was something that I knew about going in, but just failed to understand the magnitude. I should have just had more pain pills and gave it a week or so before resuming any duties. I have a small problem with just sitting around though.

I will post up pictures every week or so to document the progression.


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I just read your first post along with this most recent one. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to share your experience and photos. I often receive emails from individual's with scarring from various forms of trauma and I can assure you that your efforts to share your experience are not in vain. Many will benefit from your hair restoration journey.


Best of luck!

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