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My hair restoration journey




I had my first (and hopefully last!) HT done at Dr. Feller's clinic. Originally we shooted for 3000, the doc examined my scalp and said I have enough density and got more than 2600.

I felt the doc taking 5 pieces of strips, one-by-one and stapled the open area. during the surgery itself it felt like the cut came a little too high on the head, which really worried me, and still does... not sure how other docs do but i think the lower the better as there is always a chance of existing hair on the side of the hair being lost (moving lower to the sides) thus exposing the scar... i dont know, heard that this is the standard, so should be fine.

Anyways, everything went ok. I noticed there were 3 techs cutting the grafts. local anaesthesia was given, doc started making incisions and then followed the nurses dropping the grafts. was a little disappointed when the number was given even after taking such a long strip... but i guess its my density.

One other worry I had was the triangle shape of the HT. I told the doc about this before we started and that i want a bit of a curve to align it the circle of the crown's hair loss, sort of base of triangle(towards back of the head) in a concave shape. He said he will take care of it.. but i think the slope of the curve is too small to avoid the triangle appearance.

Check out my photo album at http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/user_album_update.php?album_id=135


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