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Bosley - Dr. Nancy Shannon - 1100 grafts - Unhappy



I had 1,100 grafts done by Dr. Nancy J. Shannon from Bosley in December of 2011. After 14 months I'm not happy with the results. I still have a bald spot and still wear hats all the time.Some of the hair grew in aorund the edges but the center of the spot is still very thin and bald looking. I spent around $7,000 on about 1,100 grafts.

I complained to Bosley and they said they would give me 50% of the grafts free. What was interesting is the doctor suggested I now get 1,400 grafts. Which is weird because why wouldn't they just suggest 2,000+ grafts in the first place?


I went to the doctor that was suggested on this website, Dr. Arnovitz, but he sent me away because he said I was too young. The doctor was concerned that I would continue to lose more hair and if I got the surgery my hair would look funny in the future. Since I have the same bald spot as my Dad, I tried to ensure him that if I lost anymore hair, it would be minimal since my dad has had the same bald spot for 30 years.

I'm uneasy about going back to the same doctor since it didn't work the first time.


Any suggestions, commments are appreciated.





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Hey Rob,

I also had a small hair transplant from nancy shannon at bosley and am horrified by the results. Dr. Aronovitz was right, they implied the same thing, even though im 32. You see one bald spot and get it filled in, what happens when another appears? you become dedicated to a life of hair transplants. my procedure was just to thicken the left temple area. I am now even balder in that area with a pluggy look. It is destroying my life. Let me know if you'd like to chat sometime. I am considering getting legal advice at this point. I believe it was totally unethical to perform a hair transplant on someone that is barely a NW2 and not advice them at all about the potentially horrendous outcome.

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