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My hair transplant experience with Dr. Panine



I have been developing a receeding hair line since high school. I was getting tired of always having to shave my head or wear a hat so decided its time to do something about it. I did some research online and decided to give Stuart and Dr. Panine a visit. After meeting them, and seeing their previous work I decided to go with them. Stuart was very helpful in showing me pictures of other patients with similar facial features/shape, and pictures of their results and that helped me determine how I wanted my hairline to look. They told me the day of the procedure would be a long one and they were right. However Dr. Panine, Stuart and their staff were wonderful. They were all very nice, and professional. They made the time seem to go by faster by keeping me entertained during the surgery. They went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and pain free throughout the whole procedure. You can tell that Dr. Panine really takes pride in his work and wants his patients to be happy with good, natural looking results. The next day they had me come in to make sure everything was fine and Ive had my stitches out a few days ago. I feel great. They are easy to get ahold of and quick to answer any questions. Im glad I didnt make a mistake of going to the wrong place. I would recommend Dr. Panine's office to anyone looking to get hair transplants in the future, even if it requires a travel! Oh yeah, I recieved 2,827 grafts.



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