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HT2, Day 8, stitches out



Some progress photos eight days after surgery with Dr Lindsey.

The stitches were removed today, and it was very painful - probably moreso than anything experienced during the actual op! I think the pain was partly down to scabbing around the stitches, although I did try to clean as much off as possible when I washed my hair. However, the nurses (it took two of them!) said the scar was healing beautifully. But it was considerably sorer than when I had the staples removed after my first op.

In the recipient area, there is still a fair bit of scabbing and white crust. When washing the recipient area, I was perhaps over-cautious in the first 4-5 days post op, but the last couple of days I have been massaging reasonably firmly in that area. Based on last time out, it took about 12-14 days to become completely clear.

In case anyone's wondering, I asked Dr Lindsey not to shave the hair in my recipient area before the HT, and he kindly obliged - the hair was left about an inch long. I'm hoping that if I don't suffer from much shock loss, I'll be reasonably presentable for work meetings in mid-late January.

Front view





Top close


Scar after stitches removed - uncovered


Scar after stitches removed - covered



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