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PLEASE help!!!!1



Hey everyone, I am new to this board. I need help PLEASE. 3 weeks ago I had an 500 FUE's removed from donor area and placed into my hairline. This is a second procedure to fill in from a previous one that was not successful. The Doctor shaved down three rows in which to extract the grafts.

2 days ago I got a haircut, and those three rows looked puffy somehow and it had visible see-through. At first I figured maybe it was due to the difference in length between donor hair and shaved hairs. So I cut the back a bit more, and to my surprise, I could see 3 distinct rows of see-through smileys.

Immediately I became upset and couldn't believe this was happening. This was supposed to be the procedure to finish up my hairline. I did some research and the only conclusion I can come up with is that too much hair was extracted from the sites. Also, I can see some punch marks that were dark, so I looked at them closely and I can see the hair intact, so there a number of what appears to be unsuccessful grafts.

Please everyone I really need your feedback. I am completely distraught and haven't slept in two days.

Is this something that is permanent, could it be shock loss? And most importantly, can this be fixed? Basically, go back and get thin areas filled in.

Lastly, at what point should I consider full regrowth from shock loss, damaged hair to be done and whatever state more donor is in will be the final result.

I am not going to disclose the doctor yet, as I am awaiting his response to my email. Reason being, I don't want to call anyone out if I am over-reacting.


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