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What step should i take with my hair.



Honeslty im 26 and feel a lot better about losing my hair after seeing and reading some blogs. At least im not the only one with this problem...im really starting to hate fucken hair though, Anyway I have posted some pictures and was wondering if someone can help me or point me in the next direction.

I have had a receding hairline since wow maybe 15 from whati can remember and its not as bad as now probably but not by a lot. I have experience some shedding (lately) i guess for instance when i shower i notice hair on my fingers and when im studying i scratch my head and few hairs fall. None yet where i sleep tho. As well i a dont really want to take propecia or whatever...i rather have a dick then no hair. haha even if it means going insane. :) anyway i was wondering if buying an natrual herbal pills will be helpful such as procerin etc. and monoxidil 5 to 10 percent. Is there naything similar to porpecia or has the same effect!!

PLEASE HELP...a liittle stressed.i know for a fact i will not look goodd bold because i have a big round head...haha ...kind of funny but its true!


I have 3 pictures in my profile fo you to take a look. thank you again.

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i think i am seeing more hairs now in the shower mostly..why in the shower?! damn and my head is really itchy..will nizoral help?

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