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hair Bangalore




Morning 11am I saw this Blog and currently is been over 14 hours , and I am still reading blog entries from many users, Bill and community suggested Dr Madhu, other regional doctors were also considered. I have sent PM's to around 10 users, asking their feedback on Madhu and Other advices. I may come to US in next few months, But in that period I will loose many hairs, as in last 3 months, I hair density has become more thinner.

I am from Bangalore and my current condition is as in my photos :

Please click on following link, I have uploaded my pics there as could not attach it.

THE BLUNDER OF MY LIFE: i never took hair fall seriously. I had dense good hairs, which were falling with 20-25 hairs per day, but I was avoding looking at that, and did head shave every 3 months as the solution, but I forgot that they were still falling, only difference was that I was not noticin those.

just to share my feeling, you know just 3 years before it was so dense that even the sun light could not touch my head skin, But now, even a night bulb is having fun touching my brain. And I am facing this hair fall for last 8-9 years but for last 4-5 yeas I have not taken any medication. Just shaved my head every 4 months,, that was a blunder, instead of head shave i should have taken proper medication then I would not have to see this day..

anyways, lets come to main point, hows is your current hair condition, how much my HT will cost me? I dont want very good results, Just fine result will do for me.

looking forward for many comment on my post :) and some good suggestions as well.....................

Thank You!

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Did you get your transplant done ? If yes from which doctor in bangalore ? How was your expierence and please share your results

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