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1 month post op



This is my 1 month update. I shaved my head for 2 reasons. Reason number 1 i is that it makes the lenght of my hair the same all over my head. Reason number 2 i wanted to see how the scar really looks like. Its easy to have an undetectable scar when you have long hair. I think that my scar looks very good at only one month mark. I cant wait to see it again at the 12 month mark.

I have a spot where im bald right in the middle of my back. It is caused by an accident as a child. Its not because of shock loss. I would have liked that it was because then there would grow hair there in the future. But its easy to cover when i grow my hair longer. My plan is to never shave again lets se if i can succeed with that plan :)6112.jpg6113.jpg6114.jpg6115.jpg


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