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13.5 months on, photos from Transmed



Transmed has sent me some 'before' and 'after' comparison photos, which I've posted below. The before photos were taken in June 2010, just before the HT, the after photos were taken last week, on my follow up visit to the clinic.


Firstly, I should say that they present a more positive picture, and actually I feel a bit better for seeing them.

But - I don't think they tell the full story because:

1. My head is tilting forward further in the after pictures.

2. My hair is longer in the after pictures.

3. My hair was carefully combed forward by the photographer.

Underneath the Transmed photos, I've posted one of my own recent (one month ago) photos with the Transmed before photo - the angle is slightly different, but I feel it gives a closer representation of the actual outcome.

What particularly bothers me is the lack of density in the front, which is why I find it hard to understand Dr Kulahci's assertion that 90% of grafts have survived.







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