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My latest self-transplant count: 33 FU's



Took a shower, got a cold beer out of the fridge, put on my favorite music, and transplanted 3 more FU's today. Donor area: stomach. All three were double-hair units, so they are going deeper into the hairline. Once I thicken the back I'll start placing single units at the front.


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Got 15g tube of LMX cream today at CVS Pharmacy. It contains 5% lidocaine (lidocaine is the same stuff used at the dentist's office to numb your gums). Tried it out today on the donor area and what a difference! Left it on for about 10 minutes before proceeding. I still felt each cut but most of the sting was gone. I might try out "Dr. Numb" as well sold over the Internet. Supposedly it's the strongest topical numbing cream available. This will definitely help me achieve my goal. It wasnt easy doing it withought any anesthesia, and very discouraging when the cut is bad (bad angle and the follicle gets cut out too shallow, which happens about once for every five tries). Let's go hair!

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awww yeahh you're a regular pro already! GEt them doubles behind the hairline for density boyyy! You are my friggin hero~ I think im gonna be checking your content daily for new updates~! Reading your self success makes me feel like im getting more hair~

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