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Worst H.T. Experience



1st HT (1500 grafts at AK Clinics, Ludhiana) June 2010

2nd HT (4000 grafts at Reviva Clinic, Chandigarh(India) June 2011 ---- As one sitting already done and after seeing no result and awkward scalp situation i need to go for another HT to correct the earlier bad HT. I again found some clinics on the internet and went to consult at Reviva clinic, Chandigarh. Here i met Dr. Pradeep Sohi and he told me that there are so many patients came to him from AK clinics to repair bad HT done by them. He has shown me some pictures as well for the repaired cases. I got confidence on him and after having long discussion we finalized the date for HT. As i have already done one siting earlier so i was totally aware of the complete procedure already. Procedure started at 9 - 9.30 am and finished by 6 0'clock in the evening considering lunch break for half an hour. They have planted 4000 grafts to repair the earlier bad HT and to cover front hair line of the head. Well, after passing time i found better results from the earlier done HT but not up to mark here also ( results were 40-50% only). I visited the clinic after 9 -10 months to consult the doctor for less growth the doctor told me that i need one more sitting for improve the density of the hairs .

3rd HT (3000 grafts at Reviva Clinic, Chandigarh(India) Feb 2012 ---- Nothing new ,,, same clinic same procedure same time. They took one day and said we have covered all your head with 3000 grafts and told we have improved the density of earlier HT and covered center area of the head also. Now you do not need any further HT. I was so happy to see the results. Another shock in life, bad results again ( only upto 30 - 40%). No density improved and so thin hairs on the center of my head and further i have noticed my crown also getting bald now which earlier was ok. I got so scared and was in so much depression that after doing 3 HT sitting i have not seen any much improvement in the hairs. I visited Dr. Pradeep Sohi and he told due to some shock hair loss my other hairs getting thin and crown area is getting bald. I need 2000 more grafts to cover my crown and center are density. They said they will charge the same price as a discount to me as i have already done 2 HT sitting earlier. Well no choice i said yes.

4th HT (2000 grafts at Reviva Clinic, Chandigarh(India) Mar 2013 ---------- Same, 2000 grafts transplanted out which 500 grafts were taken from beard area (this is a new part for me and it is a painful part believe me). They took full one day again and After procedure i was not even in position to talk properly for some hours due to beard procedure involved.Dr. Pradeep Sohi now told, your hairs are completely covered now, no place left bald and now finally i do not need any further sitting. Well after waiting for another 1 year i am at the same stage ( even worst than earlier) -- see the attached pics

5th HT (2500 grafts at Kyra Cilinic, Ludhina (India) August 2016 ---------- 2500 grafts transplanted from back head + beard donor are by Dr. Vikas Gawri and team in front area of the head to increase the density of the fron hariline look...........

So, guys now i have shared my whole HT sittings with you but till date my hairs condition is worst. I am attached some pics of my current hairs you can as follows:

- Hairs direction is totally wrong

- So much thinning of hairs even after transplanting 10,500 grafts...........

- Donor area completely used, left with no hairs ( even it looks bald now :-(

I have heard about this website from a friend of mine who told me to put my whole story here for better consultation.

Please guide me what further procedures should i opt to normalize my hairs condition as of now i am so embarrassing situation and it really lowering my confidence level. I still need to put a cap for going outside to attend some parties or roaming with friends to hide my head.

Please guide...............

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Not sure if you are still on this blog, however you had a bad experience. I am only 3 days from procedure but feel confident that it should work. I know it is in the states, however I used Dr. Anil Shah and he is Indian. His office is located in Chicago in very nice building that is surrounded by hotels to go to after your procedure. He is different as he uses a robot called ARTAS and his is the best robot on market which means best results as the success rate is upper 99%. If you are still looking to improve your look call Dr. Anil Shah at 312-944-0117 as he has patients come in from all around the world. Good luck and I hope you get your hair fixed correctly.

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