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Donor area



Hey people, new to this forum and in fact it is the first time I have ever joined any type of forum.

I recently had an fue hair transplant of 3800 grafts. It has been exactly a month now and instead of like most people worrying about the recepient area (healing, shedding, growth, healing) I am more worried about my donor area.

My recepient area seems completely fine after a month. At least 50% of the transplanted hairs are still there and some of them especially on the side of my head seem to be strangely growing a little. However my donor area only on the one side has a significant amount of shock loss and only to the one side and the other side has recovered relatively well. At this point I am a little worried as I go back to work in a week and is extremely obvious. But that is not even my worry! I am wondering if any one on this forum has experienced significant shock loss to their donor area with patches of bald spot and if so, did it grow back and if it did, how long did it take? I still have redness on the donor area aswell and has been very itchy and to be completely honest I scratch it (only donor area) I know I shouldn't but it just feels soo good haha.

Hoping people can share their experiences with me and provide some reassurance.



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