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Redemption for Dr Hakan Doganay?



I've been following the forums in this site for many years having suffered with hair loss for 7-8 years. It was the shared experiences of members that helped me take the first steps towards treating my hair loss by using combinations of medicines available which have worked wonders in allowing me to severely slow down the onset of baldness.

Notwithstanding this, I've curiously explored the idea of a hair transplant for a long time now and for a few years closely followed the work of Dr Hakan Doganay, who at the time was getting some rave reviews from patients and demonstrating some very impressive work. I have been in touch on and off with his representives for a couple of years and always found them to be helpful and informative.

Recently I decided to take the plunge and book myself in. I've a month spell over xmas off work and thought this would be an ideal time to get some work done. When I spoke to Dr Donagay he said he was completely booked up throughout December, however he kindly agreed to work a Sunday to fit me in as I am unlikely to have this chance again for some while. I was naturally grateful and so booked myself in.

Ive subsequently spent a fair bit of time catching up on the discussion threads on this site, and note Dr Hakan Doganay has received some bad rep since I first spent time researching him. It is clear there a few unhappy patients, with customer care and end results being questioned to a degree in which Dr Hakans recommmendation has been removed pending improvements. This is somewhat concerning, and to this extent I contacted Dr Hakans representatives seeking answers. I have been assured that changes have been implemented to their customer experience including a relocation to Istanbul with improved premises and hotel facilities, and in respect of poor results, Dr Hakan now conducts the entire implantation work on his own to ensure patients that best results will be received. They stand behind their motorised extraction technique and beloeve it yields best results for them.

I will be providing a full and detailed blog of my experience if only to help guide others in their decision making process, but also maybe to help Dr Hakan regain his reputation for being one of the best FUE transplant surgeons in the world. Time will tell whether that happens or not.




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