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Fresh from an HT in Turkey / 4200 grafts / $1600



Hey everyone. Just came back from Istanbul, Turkey. 4200 grafts. Happy as heck and simply wanted to share.


Istanbul is great. I went at the end of September and wished I had gone over the summer instead of waiting.

I went to RealHair in Istanbul and the doctor is incredible. She did a majority of the surgery with the help of her nurses. The supporting staff in charge of logistics were just as important as the procedure itself because of the way they handled the transportation, hotel, and hospitality, all of which calmed my nerves and made this experience much easier than expected.


The first link goes directly to the staff (Gusun or Sham)

The second is the link to the clinic.


Name of doctor: Dr. Zeynep - female

Name of staff: Gusun (guh-sun) and Sham (like Tom) - both females

Driver: Mustafa (moos-ta-fa) - male driver, great guy







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Wow, this looks really good. Can you give us a update on your hair now.

Also, Can you give me a little detail on how you found this clinic and how you made your decision on picking them for your procedure?

How did you find the accommodations, transportation, food, etc. ?

Who did the booking of the procedure and hotel and flight from home and back?

Did you have a change to do any sightseeing while you were there?



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