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FUE.. Ankara Bound!



Signed Up! Booked the ticket! We're flying momma.. Ankara bound!

After years on the sidelines watching, waiting, aniticipating, finally pulled the trigger. I'll be headed to Ankara, Turkey to rest this head

in the very able hands of the HLC clinic (http://www.fue-hlc.com/en)

After snapping the angled digital portraitures of my cabesa and being assessed at 3000-3500 grafts needed (had assessments by Dr. Rahal's crew, Hasson and Wong, another Doc in and around LA (name escaping me at the moment), and now the HLC team, this seems to be the agreed upon graft need.

I'm 36, and have been beating myself up bioligcally in work last 6 years, and partying pretty hard the last two. I have some amazing barbers in my life that make my head look respectable, and with brown to blonde hair, a slick little comb-over and some toppik, I get away with nabbing some 4H babes every so often.

Ha. I'm tired of combing over, tired of wearing hats when I run out of toppik, and just am looking forward to getting this done. Yes, I could just except this as fate from the destinies though prefer to believe that that single, most profound thread of scientific knowledge here is going to see me through.

Gents, and for any ladies looking in, we're going in!


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