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Miracle at Eugenix



The nightmare of my baldness became a dream of recovery , all thanks to dr pradeep and dr arika who changed my destiny . it all started when i saw excellent reviews about a clinic named EUGENIX - this is where my 3 years of research of finding the best hair transplant surgoen came to an end . After vieiwing the pics and vidoes of Eugenix i made a call to the clicnic and i was lucky to have had a conversation with dr arika on my first call , Her inspirational words and assurance of the best result gave me the strength to undergo my hair transplant at thier clinic . i was suffering from grade 7 baldness and was requiring 7500 grafts . On the 1st day 4100 grafts were implanted and it was taken from my scalp and the next day 3400 grafts from my beard , it was completely painless and scarless treatment . if they adnt treated my baldness i would have gone insane ! Thanks for all their support - medical and emotional . their contribution, in my life is nothing short of magical . i was an ordinary patient of ordinary means but your team took care of me as if i was the most important person on earth . if every doctor strives to be caring and generous as you, the world would be full of smiles and no bald people. my post treatment has been very good, no pain , no scar on either on my scalp or beard ., i have got more than 8 - 10 calls from the clinic to check if my recovery is going smooth. its my 15th day post transplant its hard to belive the enormous growth that i am having right now and i havent sheld any hairs till now and it seems they are not going to shed. if any one looking to under go hair tranplant this is the one and only place i would recommend as this is the only place were doctors go behond everything and try to give you the best results with care , affection and responsiblity and thier team is caring and very friendly. i will keep you guys updated with my progress .


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