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NJ Hair Transplant Surgeons



About 20 years ago I had an small fut on the crown by Dr. John Schwinning in Edison, NJ, which seemed to work out ok. Now I'm interested in a raher involved fue to restore my hairline which is far more critical. Where as no one knew I got the fut, the hairline fue will be obvious to EVERYONE bigtime. Most important I don't want it screwed up. No. 2 I'm not interested in a lot of downtime. Nor do I want any pits in the donor area or red blotches on my front scalp that take 6-12 months to disappear or worse, never disappear completely.

Question: Am I asking for too much? And is Schwinning up to the task? I've already given him a small deposit but later I felt I need to do more dd. Thank you.



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MrClean1 has done his dd and concluded that Schwinning is part of a posse of NY/NJ hair transplant providers that by themselves demonstrate the need for websites such as this. And I thought urologists were shady, which many are but not even close to the posse. Anybody with pc knows what I'm talking about.

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