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Hair Transplant 30yo male - Dr. Luis Nader - 3666 Grafts



Hi Guys,


First of all i'm new here and not a paid poster or anything like that (give me time to improve photos or wanted information - ill do my best), i've been reading parts of this site for a while and finally just underwent a hair transplant surgery. I'm also after post op care hints etc from ppl that have been through this.

So a little about me:

- 30 Years old

- Male

- Losing hair for about 6 years (although thats prob just when i strted noticing it)

- Main hair loss on crown and temples with gradual thinning on other areas which seems to have slowed now and the current photos you see pre op are where ive been at for a while


Recently undergone a transplant:

Surgeon: Dr. Luis Nader (Reynosa Mexico)

Comments: Outstanding doctor made me feel extremely comfortable, extremely nice guy and very knowledgeable. Main concern for me was the location in Mexico after looking at media or asking people on the internet, after the experience i'll tell you there is no worries at all if this is a concern for you putting you off dont let it be! Also he has had procedures himself so that was very comforting for me to know he knows what its like to go through.

The Surgery:

- I had 3666 grafts with an average of about 2 hairs per graft so around 7000 hairs

- Half the grafts went to the crown, about 500 to each temple and the rest scattered throughout the top of my head.

- Procedure itself was painless and up until now 4 days post op its still pretty much pain free i haven't had any issues and sleep fine

Post op:

Ok this is where ill say what im doing now and help to the best of my ability, but also keen to hear from others what they are doing and what works for them.

- Supplements: Biotin 10,000mg , Multi-Vitamin & Mineral, Saw Palmetto

- Prescriptions:

Minoxidil 5% (once per day i started this 2 months post op and Dr. Nader said i was starting to get some hairs growing in the crown area, this will hopefully make my transplant even more successful)

Finasteride (i only take half a mg i believe the recomended is 1mg)

- Others: Shampoo 2-3 times per week

Ok thats all i can think to add right now but any questions fire away, ill try reply as quickly as i can and also try to remember to post updates with my surgery along the way. =)


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Thanks, aWidowsPeek. Yeah he was great real nice guy and quality surgeon, pretty happy with how it turned out now its just a waiting game.

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Hi there, any updates? Would you recommend Dr Nader still? Please post pics and inform us what isnthe best way to get in touch with them.

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