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FUE HT 3500 Grafts




Well 15 years of hair loss journey and finally I did pull the plug. Initially when I started loosing my hairs and when anyone would remind me I would just shrug it off. I would then look at my hairline when alone and say to myself everything is fine there is nothing to worry about. I was so wrong !!!

I am not sure what scale I have reached on Norwood but I guess it is close to 5. In fifteen years I guess that's not bad :P

I attribute my hair loss partly to my genes. None on my fathers side are bald and none on my mother's side either. But for one uncle of mine who is completely bald. My mother are eight brothers and sisters and only one brother is bald and here I am the lucky one. I hit the jackpot :D

Other than this I also blame the carelessness I had for my hairs. I never oiled them in the last 15 years. Once in a while when I get conscious I would start and then I would just stop like forever. Spicy food might be another reason though I am not sure about that. Further I was aware that homeopathy medicines could slow down the progress and even regenerate the dormant ones even though the process was slow. Knowledge without action is fruitless !

Last year while in USA I applied Rogaine for like 6 months but I wanted magic. I could hardly notice any change and Rogaine was itchy and left flakes all over my head. I quit. Then I started to cut down my hairs to size 2 till now.

Finally I decided to pull the plug. I wanted to get my HT done from Dr Paturi Madhu or Dr. Tejinder Bhatti. I had even had a consultation with him around 4 years back when he was not that known. Both of these are not in Pune and my plan to take a week off and visit them had been taking a back seat since the last two years. I then accidently came across a HT Centre right across the street to my office. I visited the clinic just for consultation and to start the process to build the momentum. I met Dr. Prashant Yadav and after the initial consultation was provided with contact numbers of three ex patients. I am sure they had provided their consent to so :) Dr. Yadav was pleasant to talk with and I felt comfortable with him. I had not made my mind to get it done with him though by now.

I didn't call those numbers nor did I return to the clinic. When I first got the follow up call from Dr. Yadav's clinic I was not in the negative. I just had not made my mind but I made some excuse and said I am planning after a month. I got the call again after a month and then again I made some excuse but I decided to talk with the ex patients. I called the first number and scheduled the meeting. I met the guy on Sunday and I man I was so impressed with him that the next day I went to the clinic and scheduled my surgery.

I had 3500 grafts planted. 2500 the first day and 1000 the next day. The nurses seemed experienced who did most of the planting. Dr Yadav did the extraction and did some punching at the end. He did the markings and kept visiting the OT regularly. He kept asking if I was feeling any pain. The nurses also kept asking the same and local anesthesia was provided whenever I asked for more and was needed. I dozed half of the time during the procedure. It was mostly painless other than the local anesthesia part. Then again I fear needles !

I am 9 days past my surgery. So far so good. Do leave your views and comments. I would really appreciate it. I know this is my first HT nut certainly not my last :)


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Can you please share the current pictures please ,

How much drafts were given on the crown area. Please advise.

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I can notice , the density of drafts in crown area is less than the front area.

Please let me know how it looks , your current pictures will help

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I have uploaded the current pictures/ Not sure about the number of grafts but should be around 1200- 1500. I am also feeling that the crown area is still not covered with hairs was wondering maybe it is a matter of time and I should be patient. I will visit the doctor this week.

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