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Please give me some suggestions



Hello experts ,


I have been doing some reseach for a FUT since last 6 month .And i shortlisted 3 doc 1)Dr.rahal 2)Dr.Hasson and 3)Dr.Feller.I have a receeding hairline and mostly hairloss is in the frontal area .I have good density on my crown .Since Dr.Rahal is the king of hairline "as per your site" i am nostly convinced by his work.Also when i look at Dr.rahal and Dr.Hasson websites i can see awsome work.Sometime i wonder if that is real work.Dr.feller website is old and not very good when compared to the other 2 .But i see a lot of great procedure done by Dr.Feller in this site.I need your best advice to make a decision .I will be planning to get it done end of the year.



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