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Side Effects of Smoking after FUT



Dear All,

I have just gone through FUT 3 days before. I am a regular smoker and I smoke about 10 cigerates per day. Now its hard for me to quit smoking. What side effects will it cause on my results. If you have any example (Pictures) of any one who kept on smoking after transplant and his/her results are effected, I would really like to have a look at those pictures.

All the smokers know that how hard it is to quit smoking :(, what ever the consiquences may be. I need help on this. Please answer me.


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I am in the same boat, I have been reading a few comments from surgeons on the internet stating that it leads to less oxygen reaching the grafts and that healing will take longer, increase in risk of infection and overall potential to give a worse result!!!!! I will stick to biting my nails for the time being, I´m usually on around 12-15 a day and I'm in day 2 post op.

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