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12 weeks post FUE



I am now 12 weeks post FUE transplant. I had 2500 grafts to the corners of my hairline. So far it seems like a long, slow process. I was thrilled after I had it done and could see my new hairs in my hairline. Around the 3 week point I began to shed and this continued until the 5/6 week point. At this stage i was at my lowest point as my hair was still growing after being shaved. There was little I could do to conceal the receding hairline that has always worried me.

Today I took some photos to compare with earlier ones. I will add more photos but i have included photos of the right side of my hairline. One from one week after, the second is 6 weeks after and the third 12 weeks after.

I am hope that i would be able to have some feed back to see if i am progressing at the usual rate. I know 12 weeks is still very early and i intend to update on a monthly basis going forward. As you can see the 6 week stage looks terrible. I have chosen to upload the photos that show the right corner up close in hope that it shows very clearly whats going on with my hair.



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