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Shed 7 months into Dut


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New to the website but I have found itextraordinarily helpful! I am grateful for the information.


I was hoping for some opinions on almost a delayed shed with Dut. Began using Fin in 1998. Switched to Dut 0.5mg In Dec 04 and have noticed a rather thick persistent shed beginning in July until now. I have read up on the Dut/FIn shed and it seems like the majority is in the first couple of months and lasts a few weeks. Of course I have seen a sporadic post of the shed lasting into months.


I am hunting for opinions on either a) switching back to Fin which never caused me a shed that I appreciated; b) continuing or even increasing the Dut; or c) some combination of a) or b) with additional products. Of note I have recently added Rogaine to the mix about a month ago. I havent seen a change with it +/- shedding.


Thanks for your input!

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Welcome to the forums.


I dont think there is such a thing as a "delayed shed" with Dutasteride, as it affects various users in various ways.


As a matter of fact, I shed quite a bit (sometimes scarily so!) in my year of taking Avodart. Looking at photos through that time, though, I realized that even though I was shedding what seemed to be extremely heavily, there didnt seem to be much density change in my hair. I speculate that this can be attributed to both new growth and thickened hair shaft diameter.


I would definitely say to stick with it for at least a year. If I have learned one thing about hair meds it's that switching your regimen around without giving any one thing a fair shake is a sure way to get no results at all.





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