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I have a couple important ?'s (new to this)

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Hi, I wrote before and I'm 20 turning 21, and am having thinning hair and some parts where i can tell hair is gone. But thank god I have curly hair because is helps cover a lot. My questions is that, what does like NW2 or NW3 and all those other things mean exactly? After reading this I plan to go on Propecia and Minoxidil, i think minox for short. Now is there a certain Minoxidil to get, like is it a cream or a pill etc. Is there a certain percentage I should get. Can I get it over the couter like at a drug store ie wal greens or CVS. For Proprecia im pretty sure its a pill and do i get my doc to prescribe it or can I get it over the counter. I'm sorry for all the ?'s but I'm just real concerned b/c I want to start on this now. I am going to try and get an HT mabye in a couple months after I start the medication and continue on the treatments. Any Advice? Would be highly appreciated from the experienced ones here. Sorry for a long post.

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Hi thaman,


Welcome to the forums, when people use NW2 or NW3 to describe their baldness they are referring to the Hamilton-Norwood scale, an example of which you can find here:



Basically its just a chart that illustrates the degrees of baldness with men that have Male Pattern Baldness.


You can use generic minoxidil which comes in a liquid form which is normally dispensed with the supplied eye dropper. The most common use of Minoxidil would be 5%. The problem with Minoxidil and Propecia is that they are treatments that must be taken indefinately in order to keep the hair that it has helped grow or maintain. So only if you are prepared to use the meds indefinately should you consider it.


You will need a prescription for Propecia though you can get Minoxidil over the counter. Because you are so young it is best that you get on the medication now and see how you fare after a couple of years. You have found a great forum with a wealth of information here, take your time and do your research so you can make an informed decisions regarding your hairloss.


Hope this Helps!

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