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What Level Norwood would I be considered?


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Hi Tito, and welcome.


I really think it is best for you to NOT to wonder what NW level you are at now, but what it looks like you will end up at.


I take it you are still a relatively young man?


Without medication, I would say that you are headed toward at least a NW5, possibly a NW6.


We can't be for sure, because only you know your current rate of loss, thinning spots, etc...


At this point I would recommend you give propecia a try for a year, as you have a significant amount of hair left that will want to try to hang on to.


Please let us know about your age, rate of loss, current medications or shampoo's and in general how you are doing/feeling!

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I agree with B-Spot, it appears you have a lot of thinning both in the front and crown. You look young and the propecia is definately something to consider starting if you want to keep what you have.


I do not think you should consider a HT until your hairloss stops or slows down significantly. Do your research many of us here looked like you at your age and went with a HT because we were desperate, bad mistake.


What you need to do is be patient, gather info, start a hair saving regimen. But I repeat, NO HT YET. Good luck and hope the Propecia works for you,





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B-Spot and NoBuzz have some good advice for you. It appears to me you hav some temple recision but you also have some diffused thinning all over on top.


Same recommendation, get on Propecia (and Minox if you can stand the regimen) and see how you respond. You may strengthen your maintaining follicles and have some mild regrowth. There's no way to tell unless you try. Also, if you ever do opt to have a HT, your native hair will likely be less susceptible to permanent shock loss if you have been on Propecia.


Hope this helps!



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Thanx for the Advice guys. I'm 27yrs old, started losing and thinning my hair at the beginning of age 23, my father who is now 57yrs old is just now starting to lose his hair but very little more like his hair is thinnin. My grandfather was somewhat bald but he died when he was 84yrs old so I really dont know if he was bald when he was younger. I was on propecia about a year ago for about 7month then got the feeling it was affecting my sex regimen so I got off of it. Just started taking it again a couple of days ago. Made an appt to see Dr Epstein on the 28th. This hair thing really bothers me as I use to have so much hair and now its grows so slow and so thin. Tired of getting faded up to get my hair even out. HT is something I'm thinking about but I will see what the Doc tells me. Maybe FUI might be something to look into since I still have a fair amount of hair on my head? I dont know. I just really wanted to get an idea of what the norwood stages look like in real pictures. I figured that maybe i was a NW2 or something like that. But I'm on propecia now and will stay on it to make sure I dont lose any more hair, and will be looking into the rogain foam thats just out and been hearing its a lot better then the old liquid form. Read other things in emu oils that work so I'm just reading up on all the things that can help before I make that big jump to HT.

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I too had experienced some slight changes in sex drive, etc. on propecia so I experimented with the amount I was taking. For me it seemed as though if I took it 2x a week I had no side effects and it limited the amount of hair loss. That might be an option for you.



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