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Hair cloning


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Although hair cloning is exciting to any of us with hair loss issues, the one thing I would warn any potential HT recipient about is banking on this being a strategy in the 5-10 year time frame.


There are 4 main players: Histogen, Follica, Aderans Research Institute (a research arm of the Bosley Group), and Intercytex. All have slightly different variations of how to "trick" the body into rejuvenating weakened hair follicles and/or creating new ones. The first to market stands to make a fortune and significant advances have been made.


However, keep in mind that there is always an adoptive phase with any new enhancement procedure (especially anything involving injecting or cutting the skin)where the results are mixed. Exactly like the current industry, would you have wanted to be one of the unfortunate recipients of a hair transplant prior to the days where you could research and find a doctor with outstanding results? Never line up to be first for a new technology. When it comes to work being done on your body, a track record is crucial!


Promises in hair cloning going back a decade have us "just five years away" from entering the market.


Yes, it will come some day, no doubt. But anyone putting off a hair transplant so they can get cloning done in the next decade is making a mistake.


Panama Jimmy

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Hair cloning might be one of the best gifts from the scientific community to every hair loss sufferers out there. you have tried everything and are about to lose hope in regaining back your hair, let's rekindle back this light and look forward to something so promising and so permanent that no other previous hair recovery methods can match.

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