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Concealer for Blond Hair

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No one's talked about this here for a long time, and those entries are pretty vague. I'm just wondering if anyone knows of a concealer that works well on blond hair. I don't want to buy anything, because on their ads you can't find a single blond person and that makes me pretty suspicious.

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Guest Cousin_It

DermMatch usually makes the best concealers. The reason you do not see many blondes in their ads is because due to the lack of contrast between hair and scalp, blondes are least likely to need them. It has been said that some blondes can loose up to 75% of their density before it becomes noticeable, so your are lucky in this respect.

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I've never consistently used concealers though experimented with dermmatch while HT#2 was coming in. IMO dermmatch is the best all around..........definitely the most cost effective. You do order direct from them and it's around $29 per disc with an xtra free (of a different color which may be of no use to you).



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Thanks ABC


It seems IH is the same as Toppic which is a good one as well. In my opinion, and I've tried them all, Dermatch is the best due to these points


1- Non messy to apply

2- highly water resistant ( for real)

3- 1 disc lasts a LONG time


That's my point of view



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My views are based on my personal experiences, research and objective observations. I am not a doctor.


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